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Sales, Installation & Repairs of Generators

We also offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts covering checks and regular test, to ensure that our client’s generators are always available on demand.

Any generating set used for the primary power supply or emergency backup must have a scheduled service and maintenance performed on it. This will ensure its availability on when needed. The likelihood of generator failures escalates when service and maintenance checks are not done routinely.

Harbour Oil and Gas International Limited have a team of seasoned installation and service technicians with the ability to work on a wide range of makes and models of generators. We give outstanding after-sales and backup service to customers after installation whether they purchase from us or other vendors.

We also offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts covering checks and regular test, to ensure that our client’s generators are always available on demand. Below are some list of what is included in our standard generator inspection or service visit sometimes modified to suit specific customer’s requirements.

Check and adjust as necessary cooling water level and fan belt tension, inspect cooling water hoses and tighten hose clips where necessary.

Ensure that the alternator is operating correctly, that the battery electrolyte is at the correct level, top-up as required, check the specific gravity and measure cold crank amperage (CCA). Check battery terminals are clean, tight and are protected against corrosion with suitable anti-corrosion compound.

Inspect and clean as necessary the air cleaner. ensure the engine “cold start” heater plug is operating satisfactorily.

Test the level and condition of the engine sump oil and replenish as necessary.

Inspect and ensure the free operation of the engine governor linkage and that the stop-start solenoid functions correctly.

Inspect the set generally to ensure the satisfactory tightness of all nuts and bolts. ensure exhaust system are tighten with necessary bolts, clips, etc.

Inspect the electrical control and alternator connections for cleanliness, tighten and ensure all indicator lamps and relays are operating correctly, examine fuses for correct rating and satisfactory condition.

Start and run the set offload. Check the satisfactory operation of voltage, frequency, oil pressure, engine cooling system, carry out necessary adjustments. Check for any oil, fuel or water leaks.

On external sets clean and lubricate locks and hinges, examine the condition of the weatherproof housing, report only any repair or repainting considered necessary.

Record details of the service on “Generator Record Sheet”. Obtain signature of site personnel confirming work has been completed.

Accordingly, we carry overhauling and complete replacement with the ageing of the generating set.


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