N.I.W.A, Ferry Terminal Marina, Lagos
Block 2 Warri Dock Yard N.I.W.A, Warri, Delta
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About Us

Its integrated value chain ensures a reliable execution of jobs and supply expertise in a cross-section of products and services.

We have built an excellent relationship with our financial institution and can mobilize promptly on any project within a few days of receipt of a Purchase Order/Contract document.

We have in our fleets, barges, tug boats, house boat, medium-size supply vessel and trucks of various sizes fitted with meter to respond logistics and transportation needs of our clients. Additionally, we have 500,000 metric ton fuel storage facility to provide bunker supply services to vessel etc.

About Harbour Oil and Gas

We operate an integrated oil and gas company with specialty in mechanical and civil construction, marine equipment leasing and logistics services, petroleum product and bunker supply, tank cleaning and general procurement with competitive advantages that have enabled us to develop and grow our niche position in the industry.

Harbour Oil and Gas Int’l Ltd is leveraging its long-standing experience in mechanical and civil engineering (construction/ fabrication), oil and gas product supply, and is increasingly diversifying its offering to respond to the needs of industrial, commercial, maritime and domestic clients.


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