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Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

We have assembled seasoned experts, equipped with the special cleaning apparatus to deliver a safe, quality cleaning to remedy poor tank conditions and fuel degradation and ensure a trouble-free operation of your storage tanks regardless of its size, shape or the type of material it stores.

Our range of tank cleaning services include;

Oil and Gas Industry Tank Cleaning Services
Drilling Rig Offshore/Onshore tank Cleaning.
Mud System Cleaning,  Shakers,  Pits and lines
Brine standard cleaning of tanks for material product change over
Platform cleaning

Marine Onshore Cleaning Services:
Supply  Vessel  Tank Cleaning
Tank Inspections and  Tank Farm Cleaning
Bulk Cargo Vessel Hold Cleaning
Hydro Blasting and Sandblasting

Refineries and Production Facilities:
Petroleum Tank Farm Cleaning
Chemical  Washing and Flushing of Pipe
Role-Off  Trucks, Tanker Trucks and Boxes
General Cleaning

Once the tank conditions have been optimized, recommendations are made for an ongoing proactive plan to continuously maintain an acceptable level of purity at an affordable cost.

Expansion of our network of storage, filling and distribution centres that supply key industries and the demands of businesses.

Our specialized transportation fleet can deliver a very large quantity of petroleum products within the land, onshore and deep-sea locations within Nigeria and beyond. Our services are

Fast, reliable delivery: At Harbour Oil & Gas International Limited, we make it a priority to supply our clients quickly. In times of emergency delivery, we can help! In either case, our team make sure your petroleum products arrive promptly without disrupting your operations.

Flexible delivery conditions to meet your needs: We can deliver a very large volume of products once or scheduled in batches. Based on our agreement with our client, products can be delivered by land or sea. Safe, secure transportation services

Regardless of whether your transportation mode is trucking or vessels, all of our fleets are adapted to carry petroleum products observing very safe and secured principles within the industry regulations.

Save time & money: No more protracted waiting to get your machinery or generators refuelled. Just link up with us to benefit from our efficient delivery services. We can fill your trucks anywhere or your equipment on site.

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